There are
homeless people worldwide.
70m $
retail spending occurs worldwide.
In 2016
victims of war became homeless.
Each year
tons of food being wasted.

Reach those who in need with Intercharity

Intexcharity is a big donation platform established on ‘’Direct Donation Platform’’ and ‘’ Crypto Donation Foundation’’ platforms. With elimination of troubles like: Low reliability on traditional donation methods and uncertainty of benefactors if their donations reached intended target or not, the platform producing new solutions for donations. Intercharity leans on Blockchain infrastructure and that gives a chance for anyone who wishes to observe all donation movements over Intercharity

With the growing potential of Intexcoin, as a solution to global problems like: Homeless people, natural disaster victims, environmental problems and refugees; Intexplace, our trading platform, is aiming for a growing and sustainable donation infrastructure by API integration that will be provided to other trading platforms and provide obseravble donation processes that’s conducted via intexpay.

How is it working?

Intexcoin, at the end of your purchase over e-commerce platform or after the purchase you have done in vending machines and acceptance points with intexpay, transfers the entire sum directly to the Intexcharity donation platform without any extraction and donations accumulated on the platform at the end of the day are sent to all intexcoin wristbands.

Wristband holders are able to shop at the vending machines or acceptance points with the intexcoins accumulated in their wristbands. The transaction fees arising from this transaction are transferred to the donation platform and this cycle goes on.


Intexpay is a payment application that uses intexcoin and other important crypto currency. You can use the Intexpay app to shop on compatible vending machines and intexcoin acceptance points. Using the Intexpay app you can also help people, animals and the environment in need of help.

A portion of the transaction fee incurred in payments made with Intexpay mobile wallet is transferred as a donation to Intexcharity Direct Donation Platform. Donations accumulated on the platform during the day are distributed to all wrist holders who are registered and active on the platform at the end of the day using a specific algorithm. Wristband holders are able to shop at the vending machines or acceptance points that accepts intexcoin.


Some of the transaction fees incurred after purchases on intexplace, the Intexcoin e-commerce platform, are reserved for sending to the Intexcharity Direct Donation platform. Reserved transaction fees are sent to the Intexcharity platform at the end of the day. Transaction fees reaching the Intexcharity platform are distributed to active wristbands on the platform using a specific algorithm.

Intexcharity Wristbands

These special wristbands equipped with an NFC feture and unique ID number, distributed directly to the needy on the Intercharity Direct Donation Platform. These wristbands are automatically activated when given to a needy. A part of the donation collected from the Intecharity Direct Donation platform is transferred to active wristbands at the end of the day. The intexcoin collected in the wristbands can only be used for shopping. Intexcoin transfer cannot be done with wristbands.

Wristbands will be able to collect donations up to identified maximum value and spend as much as that maximum. Donations transferred to the wristband are stopped when the donation amount reached to the maximum value. The donations are continued to be transferred to the wristband the next day when all or part of the collected intexcoin is used.

Part of the transaction fee incurred when purchasing with wristband is transferred back to the Intexcharity Donate Platform. This cycle continues as wristbands continue to be used, thus wristband owners also contribute to donation platform.

Active wristbands and transactions conducted via wristbands both can be tracked instantly via Intexcharity. Within a transparent structure all transactions can be viewed on the platform.

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